Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Waiting for the boobies!

I am pleased to announce that I have seen my actual costume, and I don't look so much naked as frightfully similar to Chewbacca in Star Wars. There is a clear plastic body-length sleeveless "dress" which is COVERED in thick, red, (I fear real) hair. It's enough to turn your stomach. I spun around the room, and looked something akin to a sea anemone. The hair moves and shakes and waves and ripples. I'm a living perm.
My favorite costume lady, Anna, told me they had wanted me naked underneath, but that she had fought for a slip-like nude shift. She thought I would be more comfortable. Ich leibe Anna! and am bringing her flowers.
So, this human hair coat starts just below the breast area, and I will have 2 large silicone fake boobs that will be there for the world to see, only covered a bit by the additional red wig on my head. However, they were not here. We all sat down while someone went to find them. In my terrible German, I managed to explain that this was like a young girl eager for womanhood "waiting for the boobies." Well, they just thought that was hilarious, and I had several German ladies trying out the phrase "waiting for the boobies!" loudly in English and giggling.
The boobies were not yet ready to be tried today. So, there I stood in my bra and had no fewer than 8! German ladies surrounding me and discussing my breasts. One came up, literally grabbed my chest without saying a word first, and I said "uh, hallo?!" They had another good laugh about that, but the grip was not lessened, and was subsequently repeated by several others. "This one is larger... If we lift them this high... The nipples should be placed here..." All these things were shown to me physically, and did not require translating.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!


  1. Praise! I'm glad you're teaching important new phrases to the costume ladies! ;-)

  2. Hilarious. If you think about it, Chewbacca IS naked...I do love Anna, too. Way to look out for our Mimi! Hope she liked her flowers.

  3. How I would have loved to be a fly on that wall! Please don't hesitate to post more stories. Maybe you can publish a book title "Waiting for the Boobies!"